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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Look Good In Photographs, Here Its Make Up Tips

When you see photos of yourself, do you ponder, “Is that truly me, do I resemble that?” I am certain, the majority of us do and I am by all account not the only individual who feels anyway, would it say it isn’t? Do you see imperfections, flaws and sparkle, white cast or shadow, which makes you look dreadful? At that point, you truly should know about few cosmetics tips and traps to change up the best in you.

Check for these tips before you go to a wedding, party or an occasion where you are going to get captured.

# Begin Your Makeup With A Primer

Continuously begin your cosmetics with a decent preliminary. The motivation behind a groundwork is like a divider paint preliminary. It hides regular blemishes and readies the skin for cosmetics. It goes about as a boundary between your skin and cosmetics, controlling oil, and sparkle, giving the presence of a sound skin. The camera is tenacious, highlighting each and every imperfection, unevenness and pores. A preliminary will help in controlling and decreasing your pore sizes, giving you a perfect brilliant skin!

# Mind Your Neck

We all love to have a flawless, radiant and gorgeous face, don’t we? But, we often neglect applying makeup on our neck area. This results in two different skin tone variations, which is visible in all photographs. So, do not stop your foundation at your jaw line. Take it further down to your neck area and blend it well. So, next time you doll up, make sure to apply the foundation on your face as well as neck, even if the contrast isn’t noticeable in your mirror, your camera will definitely catch it!

# Avoid Raccoon Eyes

It is always smart to take care of your skin from within rather than to completely rely on makeup. Be sure to drink sufficient glasses of water, pamper your skin with natural face masks and sleep for 7 to 8 hours. This step will give you healthy and fresh skin, and your makeup will glide and adhere better. Then, apply your favorite foundation and concealer, which matches your skin tone perfectly. Conceal your dark circles with an orange corrector followed by a full coverage concealer to avoid any raccoon-like effect on your eyes.

# Frame Your Face:

Photographs add extra kilos to your face. No wonder you look plump and flat in all those wedding pictures! The most important makeup trick is to dust a warm bronzer to the hollows of your cheek bone to bring definition and depth to your face. This step will bring out your facial features and also help you cheat by looking extremely slim and chiseled. If you try this makeup trick you, will definitely thank us.

# Powder

If you have an oily T-zone, then shine and oiliness will reflect badly in your photographs, which will make you look like a disco ball. It will make your skin appear very oily and unflattering. So, apply a good oil-free powder and set your makeup if you want to avoid looking greasy. It is also a wise choice to carry blotting or oil absorbing sheets to remove oiliness and shine from your skin without disturbing your makeup for the day.

# Reinforce Your Brows

Eyebrows bring out definition and structure to your face in photographs. So, subtly sketch and fill them with a brow powder or a dark matte pencil to add dimension. If you have thin eyebrows, then do not avoid this step or you’ll have a case of vanishing eyebrows—in the photographs!

# Upgrade To Liquid Liner

Liquid eye liner will define your eyes and make them appear brighter in photographs. If you are not a fan of liquid eye products, then trace and fill your eyes with a gel or pencil and later run a liquid eye liner over it to make them appear strongly defined and pop out in photographs.

# Brighten Your Blush

Soft rosy cheeks can make one look healthy. So, don’t be scared or shy to try a bright pink or peach blush. The only rule in making this trick go right is to blend them softly with your fingers or a brush and get a seamless finish to avoid any streaky lines running over your cheeks in photographs. Powder blushes will work better than cream blushes. Choose a powder blush in a soft satin texture and avoid too much of sparkles. The satin finish in the blush will make you appear radiant and glowing when the flash hits your skin.

# Apply Lip Liner

Even if you hate applying a lip liner, try using it on the upper and outer corners of your lips. This makeup trick will add a lot of definition to your lips without looking harsh or severe.

# Relax And Feel Pretty

Nothing can brighten your face more than your smile. It is definitely better than makeup such as a lipstick or lip gloss. Be confident and smile, no one can stop you from looking pretty!


Make Up when Wearing A Blue Dress

Would you like to put on your most loved naval force or turquoise dress this prom, yet don’t know how to do your cosmetics? All things considered, you may ponder that your essential, go-to cosmetics is adequate to wear with any dress. Be that as it may, why adhere to a plain old look that you host worn to each get-together and night-out when you can make a striking and rich hope to supplement your blue dress?

There are various thoughts that you can execute to make your elements pop and radiate class through cosmetics and dress. Some of them are depicted underneath.

Simply ahead and make your customized cosmetics for blue dress in light of these thoughts!

# Play With Colors

In the first place thing you have to know while attempting new cosmetics is the shading outline. Correlative hues help in bringing each other out. In this way, when you wear blue, you can wear its partner in the shading wheel. The reds and oranges in the shading wheel are corresponding to blues. So you can combine shades of this range like coral, orange, peach, chestnut with blues. This is the place you can play with hues and search for hues that look best all over and your appearance. Another trap is to get one shading center in different components of your dress. For instance, if your dress is not so much blue, yet has blue components blended all through, you can present blue in your cosmetics too. The nearness of different hues makes your look fascinating even while you play up the blue subject.

# Base

The base, or the makeup on your bare face, depends on the type of look you are going for. Start with a good scrub and moisturizer to maintain a fresh, dewy look throughout the day. With cooler shades of blue, you can pair up warm colors like deep red or orange, and thereby create a warm look. Cool shades of blue have more green in them while warm shades of blue lean more towards purple. For a warm look, start with a standard concealer stick and cover all your blemishes, zits, and dark circles. Now pick a foundation one shade darker than your original shade. This gives your skin a healthy warm glow and does not wash out in photographs. If you are naturally tanned, you can skip the foundation and try on a tinted body butter or moisturizer. Seal the base with a mineral powder.

# Cheek

Your cheeks should not be the focus of your look, but they are just as important. You can color co-ordinate cheeks and lip color to take the color play to another level. Blue is generally a cool color. So, for a blue dress, a warm blush would work well as it prevents washing out and an unhealthy pallor. Pink toned blush would make your cheeks look rosy like that of a baby. If you desire a warmer look, try a plum colored blush. To work with the blush, apply three tiny dots of the powder blush in the middle of the apple of your cheeks. Using a large, round brush, blend it with the skin in a circular motion. You can also try bronzer with a blue dress. Draw two tiny streaks under your cheekbones with the bronzing powder. Using the brush, blend it with straight strokes upward and towards the ear. It adds a pearly glow while highlighting your facial structure.

# Eye

Your eye should speak volumes with an alluring blue dress. You must remember that feminine eyes work really well with a powerful and gender-neutral color like blue. Metallic, smokey eyes with wing tips or cat eyes are some examples of classic eye makeup for blue dress that works up a magic. If you are already wearing a hard blue like navy, the metallic component in your eyes could be gold or champagne. However, if you are going to make your eye a focal point, try to play down your cheeks and base to avoid the costume look. If you are wearing cool blue, try to add green or blue in your eyes. Similarly, warm blue dress calls for purple or teal. Although of the same family, the colors shouldn’t be exactly the same shade.

Apply light colored eye paint over your entire eyelid. Now take a shade darker shadow and with an angled, stiff brush, apply it on the outer edge of the eye in a V-shape to start off the cat eye shape. Blend the shadow towards the crease and also apply on the inner corners. The middle should be of the lightest shade. To jazz up your look, apply warm golden glitter (if you’re using a pink or brown shadow) or silver glitter (if using blue shadow) on the center of the eyelids. Coat the water lines of both the upper and lower lids with kohl. With colored or black eyeliner, trace a line over your upper eyelid, finishing in a wingtip. Give your eyelashes two coats of mascara.

If you intend to play up your lip and make that your focal point, avoid dramatic eye makeup. Use a light brown or peach colored eyeshadow over your eyes and finish by tight lining your lashes with kohl.

# Lips

If you have created a dramatic eye look, a nude lip color is perfect. After you have scrubbed your lip, apply lip balm and line with a nude lip liner. Cover your lips with a peach, pink or any other nude shaded lipstick. If you intend to make your lips the focal point of your look, go for a red lip color. After lining your lip, fill your lip with the liner that gives the lipstick more staying power. Now cover your lip with a striking red lipstick. Warm pink or coral is also good for pairing with blue.

# Finishing Up

To complete your look, apply a spritz of makeup sealer. This will keep your look fresh for long. If you have a mineral powder sealer, you can apply that on your face to get a shimmery effect.

Who said you cannot get makeup right for a blue dress? With these simple blue dress makeup tips, you are sure to be the stunner at your most awaited party! Whether you are the host or the guest, you are sure to leave people in awe!

Amazing Make Up Tips from Experts

make-upAll things considered, you’ve heard that there is dependably a lady behind each effective man. In any case, would you like to know who the man behind Kim Kardashian’s drop dead flawless looks is? Women, here’s displaying Mario Dedivanovic. His cosmetics traps have made Kim the most looked for after “A” lister in Hollywood, as far as cosmetics. So how about we hear it from the man himself. Here’s drilling down ten cosmetics tips straight from the journal of Mario Dedivanovic. Investigate:

# It’s Always Makeup First, Hair Second

Mario says that handling the hair first dependably leaves a splatter of hair splash behind that should be wiped before the cosmetics is put on. Else, the liquor could respond with the item, which could change the shading or the surface or both. If the hair is done to begin with, the face ought to be wiped well before you begin your cosmetics. In any case, consider it, to apply cosmetics, you have to tie your hair back, to ensure you have as much territory you can get the opportunity to work with. Things being what they are, whether you choose to go in for a huge victory, would you need to tie it up?

# Emollient Moisturizer In, Primer Out

Well, any part of your body that is exposed, apart from the face and neck, where you already apply foundation, which means, the ears, the arms, legs, chest and even the feet. If that sounds a little over the top, it is best that you apply some at least on the ears, or else they will end up looking darker in photographs.

# Make Friends With The Powder Puff

This is a cool technique to make sure you don’t smudge your foundation. It also gives you a great balance as you apply your eyeliner and fill your brows. Once you are done with your base, just press the powder puff against your face, while you are doing your liner and brows. You are going to love this technique.

# Ombre Brows Look Subtle And Pretty

Mario takes as much time as he requires making sure he perfects the eyebrows, and the results make that time absolutely worth it. Considering you are using a brown, he suggests you use a medium brown to fill the outer corners of the brows, and lighten the shade as you go in. The brows appear softer and lighter when you use this method.

# It Is Always Creams First, Powders Second

Mario loves cream based products, and avoids using eye primers too. He lets the cream based shadow do the work of a primer too. Then, once the cream base is set, he uses pigments or powders over it, as it makes everything look richer and more intense.

# Triple Line Your Eyes

Using just one eyeliner is a big no-no in Mario’s opinion. He uses three to four layers of different eyeliners to define the eyes beautifully. He says that in doing so, the look seems luxurious and expensive. He uses kohl for the lashes, and goes over it with a liquid liner, and finishes it with a cream color. The perfect winged eye.

# “Bake” The Dark Circles Away

The brilliant new baking concept is Mario’s baby. He calls it the sandbagging effect, and it can surely make all your dark circles disappear. How to do it? Simple, just apply your concealer in the inverted triangle method, under your eyes. Blend the edges such that they diffuse themselves with the foundation. Now, using a piece of sponge, coat the concealer with loose powder. Leave it in for about twenty minutes, and then dust the excess off. The magic is unveiled.

# Lashes Are A Serious Business

Mario swears by the L’Oreal Paris Voluminous Original Mascara for the lashes. He applies it generously from the roots to the tops, and then uses a lash comb to separate the hair out. If you need false lashes to create the dramatic look, add them on, and then use a coat of mascara over both the lashes again. This creates amazing looking lashes. And the lashes must shine.

# The Mantra Is Contour, Highlight Twice, And Blush

He takes contouring very, very seriously. Kim Kardashian’s chiseled jaws are proof enough. He works his magic with contouring the cheeks and the nose, a double highlighting, and then finishing off the look with a blush on the apples of the cheeks and the temples. You end up looking like a million bucks.

Kim Kardashian’s real hero has to be Mario Dedivanovic. And if you love how she looks, this is one guy you must follow. But to start off with, you have these ten tips already. Have fun!