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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Tips to Improve Hair Texture

Would you like to have exquisite and voluminous looking hair? Is it true that you are sustained up of utilizing synthetic based items, and are searching for regular ones? At that point your inquiry closes with this post!

Before making your hair solid and delightful, you ought to first be clear about the surface and kind of your hair. That is the place this post comes to offer assistance! Go and give the accompanying lines a read. Furthermore, think about what, when you are finished with the article, you would have a reasonable thought in the matter of how you can make your hair as well as can be expected be!

# Hair Texture

The surface of hair is controlled by the thickness of your hair strand or its circuit or the state of the fingernail skin. The boundary of fine hair is little and has a shut fingernail skin. While coarse hair have huge perimeter and the fingernail skin has a tendency to be more open, making the hair to be more permeable. Whether your hair is wavy, straight, or wavy, we have essentially three hair surfaces – medium, fine, and thick.

— Fine Hair

Fine hair looks almost translucent when held in light. The strands shredded can be really hard to see even on a contrasting background. When you roll a strand of fine hair between your index finger and thumb, you would hardly feel it; it would feel like a strand of silk. They have only two hair structures, namely the cuticle and the cortex. They look thin and tend to break easily. This type of hair can easily be damaged. They have smooth consistency and are shiny, thus cannot hold hairstyles.

— Medium Hair

This type of hair texture is neither coarse nor fine. When rolled between your index finger and thumb you would feel the hair like a cotton thread. It is neither tough nor stiff. This type of hair has two layers of hair structure, namely the cuticle and the cortex and might have medulla as well. They do not tend to break easily. They also have a bounce.

— Thick Hair

Thick hair is also called coarse hair. Just try to roll a strand between your index finger and thumb. You’ll see that the coarse hair feels wiry and hard. You can actually hear your hair as you roll it back and forth. It is considered the strongest of all hair textures. They have all the three layers of the hair namely the cuticle, the medulla and the cortex. Since they are rough and heavy, they tend to hold several hairstyles quiet well.

# Hair Types

Similar to different hair textures, human hair also comes in different hair types. Hair type is defined by the thickness and the amount of curl in a hair strand. There are basically four hair types – straight, wavy, curly, and tightly curled.

— Type 1

The type 1 hair has no curl pattern and is straight naturally. This type of hair is shiny and oily because of a lack of curl. Since the hair is straight, natural oil present in the scalp comes down to the hair shaft. There are three sub categories under type1. The first type is flat from the root up to the tip and doesn’t hold any curl. Many Asian girls tend to fall in this category. The second type of hair isn’t completely flat and has more body and will hold curls. They have bends here and there and the end tends to curl slightly. The third type of hair is straight, has a body and few areas are wavy. This type of hair also bends slightly.

— Type 2

Type 2 hair is naturally wavy and forms an S shape. This type of hair is neither oily nor dry. There are three sub categories under type 2. The first kind has loose and natural waves all over the scalp. They are not frizzy. The second kind has waves, which can easily be defined. This type of hair also doesn’t have a bounce. The final kind also has waves that form loose spiral curls. It is the frizziest of all the hair types in this category.

— Type 3

Type 2 hair is S shaped and naturally curly. They form ringlets, which can be defined without using any hair product. They tend to be dry and the natural oils found in the scalp are not heavy. There are three sub categories under type 3. The first kind is silky in texture and curls can be easily defined. The second kind of hair consists of spiral and springy curls and is prone to extreme frizziness without the use of styling products. The third kind of hair has oily curls; they are closely packed and look clumpy.

— Type 4

Type 4 hair is tightly curled and coiled. This type of hair keeps its shape whether it is dry or wet. It is extremely dry because of the shape of the hair strand. The natural oils do not come down to the tips. There are three sub categories under type 4. The first category of hair is tight and coily. The curls are springy and look cylindrical in shape. The second category of hair has tight patterns and can be clearly defined. The final hair type under this category is Z shaped and has a zigzag pattern. They look confusing and the texture ranges from fine to wiry and coarse. They shrink by more than half of its actual length.

# How Can You Improve Your Hair Texture?

If you are looking for ways to make your hair look healthier and shiny, we have just the thing for you! Here are the best ingredients for your hair:

# Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is enriched with nutrients that improve hair quality. It can be used as a hair conditioner, which promotes hair growth, strengthens it, prevents hair fall and reduces tangles.

# Coconut Oil

Coconut oil helps in improving hair texture. It provides moisture to the hair, stimulates growth and prevents breakage and split ends. Regular massage with coconut oil can add length to your hair too.

# Orange

Oranges contain enormous amount of vitamin C, which helps in promoting hair growth. They help in boosting up your hair volume and also improve your hair texture to a good extent.

# Green Tea

Not only is green tea good for your health, but is also good for your hair. It would significantly stimulate hair growth and conditions the hair. It also contains polyphenols and vitamin C, which give you lustrous looking hair.

# Olive Oil

The easiest method of gaining thick and full hair is by the application of olive oil. Olive oil is enriched with antioxidants and vitamin E, which help in stimulating hair growth.

# Eggs

Eggs are rich in protein, which would help in giving you long and voluminous hair. They strengthen your hair shaft and improve the quality of your hair texture. The nutrients present in it prevent breakage. Egg and olive oil is a great pack to try, which would result in shiny and thick hair with persistent usage.

So, now you know your hair type and the means of making your hair healthier! Make sure your hair care regimen includes these ingredients to get beautiful hair!

Shower Tricks to Keep Hair Healthy

shower-tricksDo you generally have a messy hair day when you shower? Can’t get those long tresses to lie level, right? Indeed, if your hair drives you insane or gets muddled, this post is precisely what you have to peruse. Here, we will discuss some shower tips on the most proficient method to keep your hair thick and sparkling.

Energized? You would be advised to be! Get some answers concerning some cool shower hacks to get that radiant and gleaming hair. Recorded here are a few tips that will help you get that dazzling mane in a matter of seconds!

Hair Shower Tricks For Healthy Hair :

# Cleanser The Right Way

Normally, individuals utilize the greater part of cleanser on the general hair length. Nonetheless, specialists say that shampooing the scalp, roots and the scruff is more powerful as these are the spots where earth tends to gather. Abstain from utilizing a lot of cleanser on the finishes, as it can bring about dryness.

# Maintain a strategic distance from Hot Water

While warm water showers are entirely reviving and restoring, they can likewise effectsly affect the skin and hair. Boiling point water shower can strip the hair of key oil, which can prompt to tangled hair. Regardless of the possibility that high temp water appears to be divine, tepid water is the most secure wager.

# Brush Properly

Most women don’t’ know how to brush their hair the right way. This is quite important, as when you brush your hair after getting out of a shower, you can end up damaging the ends and roots. Use a brush and work through the tangles. Always begin at the bottom and work your way up. Remember to always brush outwards.

# Don’t Shampoo Often

One of the ways we tend to damage our hair is by over-shampooing. Use only the needed amount of shampoo. Excess shampoo can wear out the ends and dry up your hair; hence shampoo twice in week to keep your hair healthy.

# Keep Showers Short

Prolonged showers can do more harm than good and you should try and keep your shower time down to minimum. Experts say that showers that last for more than 10 minutes usually wash away essential oils from the hair. Even if that long drawn out shower seems like the best thing in the world, you are certainly not doing your hair any favor by indulging yourself.

# Conditioning Hair

Do you usually leave your conditioner on for five minutes in the shower? Well, if you do, then you are wasting your time, as conditioner does not make a difference. Conditioners usually have an instantaneous effect and when you apply conditioner in the shower, it cannot penetrate your hair any further. Instead of using a regular conditioner, consider deep conditioning your hair once in two weeks. The best way to use a conditioner is to apply it just before you step into a shower and shampoo your hair. You can use some oil like coconut oil or even a little olive oil to moisturize your freshly shampooed hair.

# Pat Dry

One of the biggest mistakes we make while washing our hair is rubbing them dry. When you rub your hair, you end up yanking your hair and damaging the roots and ends. The best way to dry your hair is to pat them dry. Pat-drying may be a lengthier process, but it is gentler on the hair and much more effective.

These hair shower tips are designed to give you that long and pretty hair you deserve. The next time you take a shower, remember these shower tips for healthy hair.

Get Flawless Skin using These Tips

# Eat Healthy

You’ve heard it a million times before, so there must be some truth to it, don’t you think? The lesser fried and processed foods you eat, the lesser your skin has to work to keep it oil-free and healthy. It’s up to you now.

# Cleanse Well

At the risk of sounding like an overrun fairness cream commercial, dirt, grime, and pollution can indeed leave your skin looking dull and lifeless. Your skin needs a rigorous cleansing regime with the right products to ensure that it remains clean and supple.

# Exfoliate Like A Boss

Apart from daily cleansing, your skin needs to rid itself of all the constantly accumulating dead skin, dirt, and grime that simple cleansing cannot get rid of. Hence, exfoliating with a good scrub (we suggest walnut or apricot) at least once every two days is absolutely necessary.

# Pamper Your Skin

The best way to show your skin some love is by pampering it as much as you can. Apart from following a regular skin care regime, regular clean-ups, massages, and such treatments will help increase blood circulation and refresh your skin.

# Drink To Your Heart’s Content

Fluids are the elixir of our body systems. Whether it’s just water or juices from a bunch of fresh fruits, drink as much as you can and as much as you want to. Hydration is the key for well-nourished, soft, and glowing skin.

# Hide From The Sun

There’s no real point in helping your skin so much from the inside if you’re not going to proactively help it from the outside as well. Cover yourself when you’re out in the afternoon sun. If you need to soak up the sun, do it early in the morning, when the harmful UV rays aren’t out yet.

# Clean Your Hair

Sometimes, bumps, acne, and other skin problems can be caused due to dandruff from the hair coming into contact with the skin. So, wash your hair with a medicated anti-dandruff shampoo to take that extra step towards healthy skin.

# Go Natural

This is another piece of advice you’ve probably heard so many times that you doubt its authenticity. Well, don’t. Natural skin care products are definitely safer than chemical ones for the simple reason that the chances of side effects with them are drastically low as compared to the synthetic ones. They can be considered as the best beauty tips for flawless skin.

# Use Skin Care Products Judiciously

Just because you’re using natural products does not mean you go overboard. Give your skin a breather once in a while. Ditch that all-natural mineral makeup and go natural. Your skin will thank you — that’s a guarantee.

# Get Proper Sleep

While sleeping, your body goes into repair mode and rejuvenates the skin cells. Lack of sleep immediately shows on your skin in the form of dark circles, saggy skin, and dull complexion. A proper eight hours of sleep is necessary to have beautiful and healthy skin. Develop a regular bedtime schedule to look your best. Make sure you sleep with your hair tied back as the residue of the hair oils can clog the skin pores and can lead to blackheads and dull skin.

# Don’t Stress So Much

You can do all of the above, and still be fretting over why your skin isn’t as flawless as all those ads, and this post said it would be. Do you know why? It’s because you’re stressing over the fact that it isn’t. Stress causes excess oil secretion, which in turn, causes your skin to absorb more dirt and that, in turn, leads to skin problems. You do the math now.

Remember, the most beautiful part of you is not what you look like, but what you are within. Inner radiance is what reflects on the outside, so as long as you’re happy on the inside, nothing can stop your skin from flaunting it.